Our cleanroom facilities.
An overview of cleanrooms

For our customers, we create cleanrooms and rooms with technical cleanliness with total areas of 20 to 2,000 m² and more. The basis for cleanroom construction is the tried-and-tested room-in-room modular system from ap-systems implemented in accordance with the ISO 14644 standard or the GMP guideline. Highly flexible, innovative and efficient – our cleanroom systems set standards in many ways.

ISO cleanroom

Cleanrooms in accordance with ISO 14644 for high-tech industries

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Cleanrooms according to GMP guidelines for pharma / medical technology, research & science

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Cleanrooms and rooms that provide technical cleanliness according to VDA 19 and ISO 16232

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Tailor-made cleanrooms in a modular system for various industries

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Intelligent detailed solutions for your cleanroom system

The high-quality in-house developed wall and ceiling system from ap-systems forms the cleanroom structure. Using the specially developed aluminium support profile, we create the appropriate high-quality frame. The profile is perfectly smooth all around and not perforated. The basic cleanroom is formed by mounting the high-quality self-supporting ceiling panels and wall panels on the frame profiles.

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Customised cleanroom systems

The room enclosure is only open where wall or glass inserts are to be integrated flush with the surface. These include ventilation and lighting elements, door and window systems or airlocks and material feed-throughs. Ventilation ducts and electrical ducts can be easily installed in the plenum. This creates spaces for versatile applications and also for complex room geometries.

The surface finish is chosen according to the individual requirements. It is always durable, requires little cleaning and is visually attractive. We take production systems and conveyor technology into account early in the planning phase and adapt them to suit the cleanroom. The same apples for media ducts. A coordinated air and climate concept as well as easy-to-clean surfaces make the system hygienically safe.

Cleanroom systems to meet your aspirations

  • ceiling panels, filter elements and lights integrated flush with the surface
  • window elements, swing doors, sluice doors and pass-throughs fit easily into the wall system
  • special corner, T and cross profiles make flexible applications possible.
  • walk-on ceiling construction is available on request
  • intelligent measurement and control technology ensures that all components interact smoothly and efficiently

All components for cleanroom construction are prepared ready for installation in our own factory and joined together at the place of use in a time-saving and cost-efficient manner.

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Turnkey complete solutions
for your industry

Your individual technical requirements define the project design. We provide individual, personal, competent and unbiased advice.

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High-tech industry

Cleanrooms according to ISO 14644

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Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology

Cleanrooms according to GMP guidelines for

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Research & Science

Reinräume nach GMP-Leitfaden für

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How much cleanroom is necessary?

Whether a cleanroom is required and which cleanroom class is appropriate can only be determined by a fundamental analysis of the manufacturing processes and product requirements. It is quite possible that a room that provides technical cleanliness is sufficient to meet the cleanliness requirements for technical components. Or does the GMP guidelines require microbiological control? Trust our experience and expertise.

Planning a cleanroom or a room that provides technical cleanliness? Then you should ask yourself a few questions about your project in advance. Our checklist takes into account all the important aspects that you should consider before building a cleanroom. This saves you time, money and frustration in planning, building and operating your future cleanroom facility.

Checklist: Cleanroom planning and construction

Cleanroom construction by experts

You benefit from our many years of experience as a qualified specialist in cleanroom construction, right from the very beginning.

From consulting and design to production and assembly, we help you to implement your tailor-made cleanroom according to standards (ISO, GMP, room providing technical cleanliness) and guidelines.

In addition to building your new cleanroom, we can also provide you with the appropriate cleanroom outfitting.

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