Cleanroom systems in
high-tech industries

Reproducible and safe production conditions are in greater demand than ever before in the advanced high-tech industries. This does not only apply to the semiconductor industry, but also to companies across the entire spectrum of manufacturing. This now includes many suppliers to the automotive industry, who are often unexpectedly confronted with new requirements by their customers.

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Tailor-made cleanrooms in a modular system for high-tech industries

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The high quality required in manufacturing cleanrooms is usually best achieved by following the requirements of the ISO 14644 standard. The use of rooms providing technical cleanliness can often be sufficient for safe and efficient production. After an in-depth analysis of the individual circumstances and product requirements, we work with our customers to determine the required cleanroom class, taking into account statutory regulations, standards and guidelines. If technical components are involved and a sufficiently low level of cleanliness is required, the so-called "technical cleanliness" must be maintained in production in accordance with VDA 19 part 2. We support our clients in all these areas with our know-how and provide them with unbiased advice.

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  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Microelectronics
  • Optical and laser technology
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Plastics technology
  • Surface finishing

Reliable control of all parameters

Cleanrooms from ap-systems reliably isolate sensitive production areas from other parts of the building and allow their air purity, temperature and other critical parameters to be controlled. We achieve an optimum cost-benefit ratio in the planning, construction and operation of cleanroom systems by determining the appropriate cleanroom class and the optimal coordination of ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

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Tailor-made cleanroom concepts

Production in the cleanroom requires a high degree of discipline and a different approach to that found in conventional production processes. The precise design of the cleanrooms, the optimisation of production processes and the behaviour of the employees in the cleanroom are of decisive importance. A prerequisite for compliance with the high quality standards is basic know-how, a well thought-out concept and systematically coordinated methods and tools. We support our customers, accompany them on their journey to their own cleanroom and provide assistance with its operation, qualification and validation.

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  • Cleanrooms and rooms with technical cleanliness
  • All cleanroom classes
  • Technical cleanliness - VDA 19.2
  • Turnkey from a single source
  • ISO 14644 und VDI 2083
  • Cost/benefit ratio

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