Cleanroom technology tailored to your requirements

The specifications which apply to the construction of a cleanroom apply equally to its equipment: standard-compliant high-quality furnishings that guarantee trouble-free operation of the processes in the cleanroom. And that over many years or decades. If sufficient local cleanroom space is available, appropriately equipped cleanroom workstations are the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

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Cleanroom workstations

Standard-compliant and ergonomic workstations for all cleanroom classes and industries. Individually tailored to employees and processes.

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Cleanroom tables

High-quality workmanship, optimised for cleaning. Made of stainless steel or aluminium. Perforated or unperforated.

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Cleanroom chairs

Ergonomic and height-adjustable chairs, stools and standing supports for the cleanroom. Numerous materials and colours.

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Cleanroom shelving

Cleanroom shelves in stainless steel. First-class workmanship. Length, width and number of shelves according to your specifications.

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Transport trolley

For a dependable flow of materials. Seamlessly welded stainless steel or aluminium. Many different dimensions and variants possible.

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Airlock furniture

Everything needed for standard-compliant entry and exit of employees and for the safe storage of cleanroom clothing.

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Gloves, hair covers, overalls, overshoes and many other consumables. Available at short notice and at favourable conditions.

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Customised production of your cleanroom equipment

We also produce equipment for rooms with technical cleanliness and pharmaceutical applications in accordance with your wishes from stainless steel, aluminium, HPL or melamine. With few exceptions, design and production take place directly in our factory, which guarantees short lead and shipping times.

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Requirements for cleanroom outfitting

Furniture and furnishings in the production environment must meet certain hygiene requirements, which may vary depending on the intended use and cleanliness class. In rooms that require technical cleanliness, the requirements for the absence of particles can be met with relatively simple means. The requirements for cleanrooms with respect to the absence of particles and the maximum permissible microbiological contamination increase significantly. The GMP standard formulates the highest standard, from which precise requirements can be derived for all materials.

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Features at a glance

  • the microbiological status
  • the air purity in terms of particle concentration,
  • pressure
  • temperature
  • and other sensitive parameters

The material used for your cleanroom outfitting

Stainless steel is used almost exclusively for furniture and fittings in GMP purity classes A and B. In classes C and D, on the other hand, furniture made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is also a good choice and complies with the standards. HPL panels are therefore popular because they can be simply used to create decorative accents in the cleanroom. Melamine resin-coated core panels still meet the requirements of cleanliness class D and are predominantly used in cleanrooms or in rooms that provide technical cleanliness.

Material overview

GMP cleanliness class A B C D
Stainless steel (V2A stainless steel 1.4301)
Stainless steel is the preferred material for cleanroom applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The material has many advantages, including high mechanical and chemical resistance and hygienic, high-quality surfaces. The concrete surface quality of the selected stainless steel also depends on how the natural surface roughness is processed. Electropolished is the standard; mirror finish is the highest surface quality for stainless steel.
HPL (High Pressure Laminate)
HPL is a material with an extremely robust surface. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and scratches, hygienically easy to clean and unaffected by chemicals. The standard DIN EN 438 (formerly DIN 16926) specifies 22 different properties that high-pressure laminate sheets must have. The hardened plastic is therefore just as suitable for pharmaceutical and medical technology as it is for rooms with technical cleanliness, for example in microelectronics or in the optics and laser industry. At the same time, HPL panels are exceptionally attractive and versatile thanks to their variety of decorative finishes.
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Melamine resin panels are made by pressing a melamine resin film onto a carrier panel at high pressure. The surfaces are resistant, hard, pore-free and largely abrasion-resistant. They are easy to clean and also resistant to water, alkalis, acids and alcohols.
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