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Inspection and maintenance according to VDMA

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Maintenance of air-conditioning equipment

With the aim of maintaining the target condition in cleanrooms, in rooms with technical cleanliness and in general air-conditioning systems, the VDMA 24186 sheet specifies activities or services that must be carried out as part of the maintenance of assemblies and components in technical systems and equipment in buildings. This sheet is aimed in particular at operators, maintenance personnel, manufacturers and planners. Further measures may be necessary to comply with legal regulations, standards or maintenance instructions issued by the respective manufacturers or installers.

ap-klimatechnik carries out maintenance work and refrigeration tests for you - e.g. leak testing and filling of systems with refrigerant in accordance with VDMA 24186, Parts 1, 3 and 4. It then documents the results in a detailed test report and advises on the forward-looking operation of systems and equipment.

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Scope of testing of the refrigeration section (excerpt):

  • Check and readjust control and regulating devices
  • Operating pressures, pressure switches and safety devices
  • Oil levels and refrigerant level
  • Check and clean air-cooled condenser
  • Replacement of air filters and duct filter boxes
  • Cleaning of components in contact with the air in air-conditioning units (incl. housing parts)

Scope of testing for ventilation system part (extract):

  • Checking the HEPA filter for contamination
  • Check V-belt for fit and wear, readjust and replace if necessary
  • Check anemostats and air grilles for contamination, remove and clean
  • Check the condensation tray and outlet for dirt, rust and draining, then clean and disinfect accordingly

Your benefits

  • Regular maintenance for best system performance and productivity
  • Qualified service technicians on site for short response time and fast troubleshooting
  • System optimisation for efficient operation and low costs
  • If required, commissioning and adjustment of the systems by a specialist
  • On-site operator training if required

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